ICONIS Call for Papers 2018

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Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies (IJIMS)a Scopus indexed journal, in cooperation with IAIN Salatiga (Graduate Program), welcome you to the International Conference on Islam and Muslim Societies (ICONIS) 2018, ‘being Muslim in a disrupted millennial age’, an interdisciplinary conference held in Salatiga, August 1 to 2, 2018.

12 selected papers of the conference will be published in IJIMS, within two volumes of July-December 2018 & January-June 2019.

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This conference aims to talk about the existence, rhetoric, ambiguities and problems encountered by Muslim in the disordered millennial era. The conference also mainly focuses on considerable rivalry among Muslims in the Muslim society itself on what is called as ‘crises’ especially in the disrupted era. The term crises are very complicated to be identified and how they should be laid on, not in a single perspective any more. They should be investigated through various approaches such as normative, authoritative, institutional, and practical. These approaches are strongly urgent to be discussed as well as elaborated in the conference.

In fact, Muslim of varied intellectual orientations have long analysed and studied such matters, and the discourses are being debated continuously with special vigor particularly aftermath of September 2001. Despite their attention to any sophisticated understanding of religious and political thought, many crucial dimensions of these debates still remain less understood and given any attention.


Some basic questions should be raised to figure out the crucial dimensions of the crises such as:

What are major themes in the reformist discourses in the Muslim society including institution, norm and practices as they have been articulated in the twentieth and early twenty first centuries?

How are crises encountered by Muslim in the South Asia, South East Asia and in the Arab Middle East as three regions of great historical, political, and intellectual significance in the modern world, compared with one another?

In what ways the Islamic tradition served as the object of social and religious critique as well as the ground on which such critique often rested?

The issues are strongly relevant to current situation of Muslims around the globe and need to be find solutions in order to establish Muslim society which is tolerant, democratic, equal for everyone to promote social justice and harmonious coexistence.

Abstracts are invited to be presented in full papers on the following sub themes:

  1. Demography Bonus
  2. Millennial Muslim
  3. Halal Tourism
  4. Muslim Travelers Style
  5. Islamic Ethical Business
  6. Populism in Politics
  7. Sufism
  8. Tradition and Modernity
  9. Social Media
  10. Literacy

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin, M.A.

(Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia for  Interfaith and Intercivilization Dialogue and Cooperation)

Prof. Tim Lindsey* 

University of Melbourne, Malcolm Smith Chair of Asian Law

Azhar Ibrahim Alwee, Ph.D.

NUS (National University of Singapore)

Hammam, Ph.D.

IAIN Salatiga, Chairperson, Department of Islamic Education, Postgraduate Program

Abstract of 250 words maximum should be submitted by email together with the registration form. Go to Registration Page or click here.

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