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REGISTER Journal cited in Google Scholar

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REGISTER Journal cited in Google Scholar

Error Analysis on the Use of “Be” in the Students’ Composition

RB Santosa   Register Journal 4 (2)

1   2016

English Core Competencies, Basic Competencies, and Assessment for Junior High School in Curriculum 2013; between Facts and Hopes

DID Soenoewati

Register Journal 8 (1)


The Interlanguage Interference on the Difficulties of Building Question Sentences by the Second Year Students of MA As Soorkaty Salatiga

S Famularsih  Register Journal 7 (1)

1    2014

Grammatical Interference from English into Indonesian Language Made by English Native Speakers in Salatiga

RA Supriyanto   Register Journal 6 (2)

1   2013

The Differences between Thai and Indonesian Undergraduates in Pronouncing Plural Nouns and Third Singular Present Verbs due to Progressive Assimilation

SZ Muna  Register Journal 8 (2)


The Social Context of Early Child Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

M Umami   Register Journal 4 (2)  2 016

The Structure of Teacher’s Directives of the English Lecturers of Muhammadiyah University Semarang

RDW Mustikasari  Register Journal 4 (2)


“There should be a room for self-initiated activity” A narrative inquiry on my teaching practices

H Triyoko  Register Journal 4 (1)


“From Teacher-Centered to Students-Centered to Collaborative Learning” Illuminating My Teacher Knowledge through Narrative Inquiry

H Triyoko

Register Journal 3 (1)


The Analysis of Basic Sentence Patterns in English Translation of the Holy Qur’an In Surah Ad Dukhan By Abdulloh Yousuf Ali

A Wulandari

Register Journal 8 (2)


The Use of Community Language Learning (CLL) Method to Increase the Students’ Participation in Classroom Conversation

S Nurhasanah

Register Journal 8 (1)


Transgender Community and Its Slang Words

S Asiyah

Register Journal 7 (2)


The Error Analysis on the Students of English Department Speaking Scripts

S Rini   Register Journal 7 (2)


The Analysis of English Word Formations Used on Brand Names Found in Indonesian Products

G Giyatmi, ED Hastuti, R Wijayava, S Arumi

Register Journal 7 (2)


The Use of Contextual Teaching and Learning in Writing Subjects: A Case Study of the Second Year Students at SDN 3 Bareng Lor Klaten in 2013/2014

L Irawati

Register Journal 7 (1)


Standard Javanese Causatives in online editorials and short stories

N Malihah

Register Journal 7 (1)


The Discourse System Recognized In The Jakarta Post’s Opinion Coloumn Entitled “Polycarpus Out On Parole: Resolve Munir’s Case” On December 05th, 2014

M Umami

Register Journal 6 (1)


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