The tour to tourism village of Kliwonan could provide unforgettable experience.

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 The tourists could learn how to create batik while they enjoy the natural life of the village society as a special things in Sragen. They could stay in villagers houses which also has function as homestay. The tourist could learn about the history and the original of batik in Indonesia and the descent of Sragen’s batik. The pattern of Sragen batik initially identical with Surakarta batik, especially in era of 80s because the pioneer of batik crafter in Sragen in general ever worked as the batik worker in the company of the batik employer in Surakarta. Then Sragen batik builds the specific trait which is different from Yogyakarta and Surakarta pattern. The Yogyakarta- styled batik has base (sogan) white by the black-nuanced motive or the darker colours. Yogyakarta motif is called as latar putih batik or putihan batik. Meanwhile Surakarta-styled batik has darker base by the white-nuance motif which is called as latar
hitam or ireng batik.
Yogyakarta and Surakarta batik is stronger in maintaining the motive of Kraton style which has become the standard manual, for example, parang, kawung, sidodrajat, sidoluhur, etc. Meanwhile the batik from northern shore of Java, Pekalongan, usually has brighter colour of background which is prominent by the motive of small size and tight pattern. Sragen batik is enriched by the motives of flora and fauna. Often, it is combined by the standard motif. Thus, the motive of animal and plants are mixed by the standard motives such as parang, sidoluhur, etc. Currently, some crafters begun to try to make new motive of batik that contains on the daily activity of the society. The motive of Sragen batik nowadays tends to firmly explicate the meaning. It is clearer than Yogyakarta and Surakarta motif. The birth of this motif is related from the influence of society’s characteristic of Sragen which in principal is open in expressing their feeling.
In batik tourism village of Kliwonan, the tourists could easily differentiate Sragen batik by the batik motives from the other area. The batik crafter in Kliwonan usually pours their masterpiece toward various kinds of clothes by various production techniques. The type of clothes used is silk which is woven by manual or machine, cotton, and prisms. The crafters in Sragen in general produce batik by the technique of paint, cap, printing,
and the combination of them.
Most of the crafters still maintain the extraordinary capability of painted batik of Sragen in maintain in this modern era. It has been held traditional ways to the creator of batik in Kliwonan area is exoticism which is rare to found. It is the oHraHinn nnint nf view of this Kliwonan batik tourism village.

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