Taman Balekambang, Puro Mangkunagaran, Karaton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat

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Taman Balekambang
The park is located on Jl. Ahmad Yani was first named Partinah Bosch, which means small forest surrounding the Partinah, built by relatives Mangkunegara. Balekambang later named because in the park there is a fish pond and swimming pool in the middle there is a comfortable rest house, surrounded by beautiful flower gardens.
In addition to this place there is also a Traditional Arts Building Ketoprak Balekambang and cafe run by young artists Solo. Blend of traditional and modern art in a place, which is a unique. In addition, the park has facilities Kambang Bale outbound.
Puro Mangkunagaran
This beautiful, well taken care Palace (Puro=Karaton) is located in the heart of Surakarta (Solo), in between Ranggowarsito, Kartini, Siswa and Teuku Umar streets.
The construction of the Puro dated back in the year of 1757 by the then Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Aryo (K.G.P.A.A) – Mangkoenagoro I (1757-1795). Adipati – Junior King. Since that time, several renovations had been made, but still keeping its original design.
The huge pendopo (audience hall) is claimed to be the largest one in Indonesia. It has the ceiling painted with eight mystical Javanese colours and zodiac signs. The building was made of teakwood and there are a number of European chandeliers. The floor was laid with Italian marbles, where they put two sets of Gamelan (traditional Javanese percussion), and regularly show the classical dance and music rehersals.
The Mangkunagaran Principality was founded after a series of bitter struggles against his family and the Dutch V.O.C (East India Company). In that old days, his nick-name was Pangeran Sambernyowo (Pangeran : prince – Samber : strike or grab with force – Nyowo : soul).
He was very dangerous in the battlefields for his enemies, this brave and brilliant prince has been awarded the title of National Hero by the Indonesian government.
Looked after in the palace are a well-maintained collection of 14th century jewelry, outstanding silverworks, lovely classical dancing body ornaments, traditional Javanese weapons, and a matchless masks from different regions of Java.
Karaton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat
Since February 17,1745, Susuhunan Pakubuwono II and his family had occupied the new palace or karaton located along the banks of Solo River, the longest river in Java.
The former karaton in Kartosuro (10 km west of Solo) had been abandoned due to severe damages. It was not a proper karaton for the Susuhunan (king) anymore, after being ransacked on 1742 by the invaders. Pakubuwono II with all his family and subordinates made a day long royal procession from Kartosuro to Surakarta. The city of Surakarta could easily connected to east Java main coastal centers such as Gresik, Tuban via Bengawan (river) Solo. This ‘river connection was one the reasons to move the palace to Solo. Pakubuwono means center of the world’ (paku : nail, buwono : the world).

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