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Profile of Matah Ati

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Matah Ati Serving the Prince’s Heart
(Love and Admiration in the Life of the Warrior Raden Mas Said)
“Matah Ati” is a Javanese Opera based on a true love story about the journey and struggle of a v. girl named Rubiyah. A gripping story of passion, loss and courage, Matah Ati takes the audience an epic journey back in time to the 18,h century. Through operatic Javanese song and gamelan rr combined with a contemporary adaptation of Mangkunegaran – Javanese classical dance style, *_- tale of victory of love and war is told through the life story of central character Rubiyah, a fes: female warrior of 40-women army who later married to Prince Sambernyowo during the time : Dutch invasion and the reign of the Mangkunegaran Kingdom.
During the mid-18th century Java, massive unrest and rebellions for freedom against the VOC v by a knight from Surakarta, Raden Mas Said, also known as PANGERAN SAMBER NYOWO Raden Mas Said becomes overwhelmed with admiration for the village girl after witnessing r.t: body radiate with light, signifying that she was not just an ordinary woman but one that bear, from the Creator. He grows enchanted by her spirit, by which he feels will serve as inspira:.: –

justices brought upon by the Dutch colonizer.. Rubiyah’-* skill, beauty, grace, zes the perfect woman and the prince falls in love. Rubiyah’s gentle exterior can •-o a fierce warrior. Raden Mas Said hones her to become the most ferocious of troop of women soldiers into battle, exhibiting strength and skill in the ;r.c weaponry that equal her male counterpart.
J”.;es and rebellions their opponents were exhausted so they drafted an i.i’.iga on the 17th of March. 1757, Raden Mas Said earns the title KANJF.MG –DIfATI APYA MANGKOENAGORO I, and he rakes P ibiyah as his. wife : title BANDORO RADEN AYU MATAH ATI as she was born m the village of can be interpreted as “serving the heart of a Prince”.


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