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Chiawei Lin
was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1988. He learned guitar from his father when he was four. Since then, he entered the world of music. At 8 he began studying guitar with Professor Panpei Huang and Showlee Huang In Taiwan. He got many honors, such as the Prize from President of Taiwan, Top Rising stars in Taiwan, and many other awards from the central government. He plays concerts and recitals with orchestra in various places. After graduated from senior high, he continues to study in the field of guitar performance with professor Hubert Kappel at the Koblenz International Guitar Academy Germany.
He took many prizes in competitions nationwide including 1st prize in International Guitar Competition Singapore (2005), Veria International Guitar Competition Greece (2010), Karl Scheit International Guitar Competition Austria (2010), Berlin International Guitar Competition Germany (2010), Gevelsberg International Guitar Competition Germany (2011), Gitarren Festival Nordhorn (2012).
Javanese Alphabetical Dance
As a civilized nation, we should preserve heritage which shows our identity.
Development and preservation of tradition cultural heritage is still considered very less. That s the reason why we encourage creativity in an art as one method in preserving and developing our cultural heritage. We called the creativity as Javanese Script.

The Baba Nyonya Cultural Show
The Baba Nyonya Wedding show combines the rich wedding tradition with the music, song and dance of the Straits Born Chinese, Malay / Indian Peranakan people in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Malacca and Penang. It can be designed for educational and cultural trips for schools, tourists and special interest groups. It can also be an entertainment with audience participation, photo sessions and dance lessons. The duration of the show can be as short as 30 minutes to an hour long. There will be lavish costumes, head gears, beaded shoes, accessories, props and wedding procession accompanied by CD music recording and some live musicians.
The size of the performing group can be as small as 12 to as big as 30. The average size of the troupe is about 20 members with cast and a small crew. The venue can be in any hotel ballrooms, halls and historical sites or museum.
Sasando – Djitron Pah “Sasando User5
Djitron Pah born in the family who loved and have a talent play a music instrument and also to conserve Sasando, Djitron Pah and his father are really appreciate this music instrument. Not only him self but also their brothers too. Djitron Pah has already make this music instrument to be famous because this instrument is rarely played on television.
Djitron was Born in East Nusa Tenggara and his family are famous as sasando artist in his home town. He learn sasando from his father since 15 years old, and beside that his 9 brothers also can play sasando. He also already made electric sasando and now sasando can be heard with range 10 meter, Djitron is a scholarship reciver from Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia.Name Djitron not only know in in Indonesia but also international, He used to participate the Indonesian Got Talent but failed in final but since that program Djitron pah is known in Indonesia.
He took so many competition such as :
• Indonesian Got Talent (Semi Final)
• President Cup Sasando Festival (1st)

Aileen Chanco
has performed in concerts throughout the United States, Canada and the Philippines. She has soloed with orchestras including the San Francisco Symphony, Boston Pops, Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Albuquerque, Lima Symphony Orchestra, the Santa Cruz Symphony, the Banff Festival Orchestra, the Manila Symphony Orchestra and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra in a debut performance of John Adam’s “Century Rolls”.
An avid chamber musician, Founding Director of Music at the Mission Chamber Music Series, and former Artistic Advisor For Music@Market in California, Aileen is in demand as a chamber musician as well and appears regularly in concert in the Bay Area where she calls home.
Lee Wushu Arts Theatre
It was a creative blend of conventional Chinese Opera and contemporary aesthetic display of martial arts and dance and marked a remarkable breakthrough in the local arts scene.The product is refined and sophisticated drfinition to the production.
Audience will see the introduction of multimedia technology in the production for the first time thus intensifying, inspiring and accentuating the passion of and the compassion for the charactes and the versality of theaterical space.
A prominent synthesis of ‘Romanticism’ and ‘Realism’ sees a radical movement away from conventional mise en scene toward a more complex and engaging relationship between performance, performer and spectator.

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