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Message from the Chairman of FACP

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It is my great pleasure to welcome all FACP delegates. 2012 is a shining year for the FACP. It marks the 30th anniversary of FACP Annual Conference & Festival. We celebrate the milestone in the beautiful historical sight Solo City which contains such a great diversity of people and culture. With the support of Solo City Government and the fine organizing lead by FACP Jakarta Governor Atilah Soeryadjaya, this Annual Conference is highlighted by various topics, performances of Asian Gems in the Arts (AGA) and the first ever carnival in the history of FACP. Through the session of AGA, FACP Annual Conference not only presents the most promising talents to the world, the event itself also makes the conference expand towards a mini performing arts expo. All the member of FACP is delighted to see the tendency and the richness of the conference that FACP is moving to a new era.

By executing the new constitution, FACP looks forward to more participants to join us and share their wisdom about the future of promotion for the arts through the theme this year: Moving along beyond Tradition Asian Arts and World Markets. With your participation, the Annual Conference in Solo City this year will be one of the grandest festivals in 10 years.
On behalf of FACP, I would like to thank all of you for your presence and to extend my deep appreciation to all the speakers, artists and managers for their participation, especially FACP organizing committee of Solo City for their dedication to make this conference possible and also Solo City Government for its generosity and support as well. I wish you a fruitful experience and a successful conference!
HSU Po-Yun Chairman of FACP


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