Message From Mayor oFSolo City


First, I have to thank to FACP committee who makes this event possible in Surakarta, well-known as Solo. With the slogan “Solo The Spirit of Java” we the Solonese gladly welcome all delegates and participants of this 30th FACP annual conference, “Selamat Datang di Solo” (Welcome to Solo).
Along with the growth of technology, the awareness to conserve and to study our art and culture is going as well. From studies to works, from creative ideas to performances from individual to industries, we can see and experience them. It is amazing.
As the Mayor of Solo, I completely support this work and hope that this conference shall give much more contribution to development of art and culture itself. I also expect that this conference can link all creative ideas which make all works of art and culture live. Congratulations.
Best Regards,
Ir. H. Joko Widodo Mayor of Solo City