Message From Governor oF Central Java

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.
Thank God for His blessing, I welcome the convening of the 30th Annual Conference for Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) in 2012, which will be held 6 – 9 September 2012 in Solo City, Central Java Province.
The theme of the Conference FACP, namely: “Moving along beyond Tradition – Asian Arts and World Markets”, become an effective forum either to knit relationship or to build such cooperation of the nations.
Through art and culture, we can identify the characteristics, identity and personality of a country. Through art and culture, we can also knit unity among the nations of the world, by collaborating many kinds of arts and culture in the world, without changing the style and characteristics of art and culture of every country.
Collaboration between the arts and culture that is packed in a new style of art and culture without compromising or eliminating the identity and personality of a country, can strengthened the cooperation between countries, to realize the life of the world system become safe, comfortable, serene, and peaceful.
Good luck and may God almighty always give us easiness and smoothness in any effort to build a synergy of cooperation among the nations of the world through art and culture.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.
Letjen. TNI (Purn.) H. Bibit Waluyo Governor of Central Java