Message from FACP Governor Jakarta

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Dear Delegations,
Welcome to the 30th Annual Conference of Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP). It is a great honor for the city of Solo, Indonesia to be the host of this great conference for the first time. This year marks the thirtieth year of the federation in fostering the multidisciplinary approach in its members art and cultural heritage. The challenge in developing and optimizing such strategies for the maximum benefit of art and culture industries has been a major theme of the previous conferences. We believe that this topical, comprehensive and challenging 30th conference program; together with your involvement, will make the 30th FACP Conference in Solo a solid cornerstone in our collaboration in the years ahead.

This year s conference is aptly themed “Moving Along Beyond Tradition”, and it is closely related to the nature of Solo as a city with the tagline “Spirit of J06+ava”. Heading north from the city center, you will discover the pre-historic site of Sangiran where the Pithecanthropus Java Man was discovered. Up on the foothill of Mt. Lawu, we can view the unique Inca-Mayan pyramid style of Hindus temple Ceto and Sukuh, which belong to the classical era of Majapahit Empire from the 15th century. While on the low land, you will find many great temples, which belonged to the Sanjaya and Syailendra dynasties of Old Mataram Kingdom, such as the magnificent Buddhist temple of Borobudur, beautiful stone carved Hindu temples of Prambanan and other huge Hindu and Buddhist temples.

At the moment, the city of Solo along with Jogjakarta are the centers of recent Mataram kingdoms, which consist of four palaces: the first two in Solo are Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat and Mangkunegara palace while the other two in Yogyakarta are Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Pakualam palace. Both the recent and old Mataram kingdoms left invaluable art and cultural heritage, among which are the art of carving, painting, wayang performance, batik, traditional music of gamelan, traditional Javanese dance and many more. All of these marvels could have been parts of a forgotten past if no well-organized endeavor of conservation is put in action consistently. One implementation of this effort may be to optimize the presentation of art and cultural performances in order to broaden up their audience.

As the Governor of FACP Indonesia, I would like to express my utmost joy and great appreciation to the FACP headquarter and Solo City Government for their enormous support. I also thank the distinguished guests, excellent speakers, professional scholars, and the staff in organizing committees. Because of your dedication, this year’s conference can achieve valuable and meaningful substances and, hopefully, outputs. Finally, I will present a special performance to all of you, my respectful delegations, my great team in conference and stage production, and the people of Solo with whom I belong: a spectacular open-air performance of Matah Ati. It is a traditional art performance originated in the palace of Mangkunegara Kingdom, which were transformed into a contemporary performance as our conference’s theme states: “Moving Along Beyond Tradition”. I hope you will enjoy the performance and have a pleasant experience throughout the conference.
Atiiah Soeryadjaya FACP Governor Jakarta

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