MARKETING Regional Supporting Sragen

One of strategies to attract investment flow enter to a region is creating friendly condition for business world. Sragen Local Government is aware that thing we 11 and has done innovation in many sectors. Principally, the strategic innovation of government policy is open widely to prospective investors who want to build business activity in entire Sragen’s regions. The government also guarantees safe and stable climate for business world. Therefore, the government is always active and keeps supporting for creating politic stabiIity and security in Sragen region and supplies proper facilities, infrastructures and skillful human resources. More than this, the government also has commitment that policies issued would not burden business world.

Policy strategy innovation must be supported by innovation of government bureaucracy. One of them is establishing marketing team in Sragen Local Government. This team forming is based on actual situation and condition that is the fast development of global trading followed by the large increasing production of Sragen prime products. Anyway, the market of these prime products must be managed professionally in order to fasten society income, economy growth and increase regional revenues. In other words, trading business and investment trend nowadays demand effective and efficient management for handling region’s prime productsand potencies. Based on this, The Sragen Regent, Mr. Untung Wiyono issued Regent Regulation No. 08 in 2005 concerning the forming of Marketing Pilot Project for region prime product “SUKOWATI” in Sragen Regency. The marketing effort of the region prime products is done integratedly by Marketing Team having job description as follows:

Acquainting, studying and examining Sragen’s potencies of prime products.
• Doing planning program, product knowledge, packagingand marketingthe products.
• Defining quality and quantity standard for Sragen’s prime products.
• Managing general trading.
• Marketing Sragen’s prime products. Implementing and marketing Information Technology.
• Attracting prospective investors to make investment in Sragen and helping them in implementation process.
• Workingcooperation with other parties based on mutual relationship for general trading and primeproducts.
• Managing other business in the line of low regulation.
• Coordinating with related department in the framework of prime product management and development.®
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