Gallery Batik Sukowati and Sragen Batik Bussiness Centre

Galeri Batik Sukowati (Sukowati Batik Gallery) and Sentra Bisnis Batik Sragen (Sragen Batik Bussiness Centre) are located in the centre of Sragen city, it is near by the government office of this regency. SBBS and Batik Gallery Sukowati are the shopping centre and the circulation of batik craft in Sragen. These two locations are the selling stall of the businessmen in the field of batik industry.
Batik Gallery Sukowati once opened in February 6th of 2005 which is located in Jl. Raya Sukowati Number 300. It provides various facilities of shopping which is which comfort and also provide various kind of batik product which included the various cloths (sarimbit sutra, t-shirt, blouse, sawitan cloths, kebaya, bedsheet), male clothes, female clothes, children clothes, Moslem clothes, accessories and various kind of other handicraft.
Meanwhile the purpose of the Government of Sragen Government of Sragen Regency in founding this showroom is to optimize the asset of the Government of Sragen Regency, because this showroom doesn’t find only the gains or ‘profit oriented’. However it also helps the crafters in develop their efforts by expanding given market, thus the governmental assets could be functioned further, and effectiveness. In addition, Gallery Sukowati also aimed as the sites of protection toward the value of batik crafter of Sragen, to increase the results of batik production in Sragen by not eliminating the specific traits of Sragen batik, helps to market Sragen batik, increase the prosperous of Sragen batik crafters by amount of + 12.000 people and also lift the good prestige of Sragen batik by the result of batik masterpiece.
in order to help the marketing of Sragen batik, the government of Sragen Regency also facilitate the crafters of batik by providing outlet in the business centre of Sragen Batik (SBBS) which is validated in December 5th of 2005. The field of 1,200 metres, SBBS has address in Jl. Raya Sukowati Number 251 in Sragen able to contain 28 outlets to the crafters of batik which is joined in the Association of Batik Crafters SBBS. In SBBS, the vistiros could shop various product of batik directly from the crafter, such as Dewi Ratih, Shofura Kemala, Brotoseno, Sekar Jagad, MM Collection, Kusuma, Abimanyu, Punokawan, Windasari,
I ah. Wahyu Tiga Jaya, Rama Mukti, veksi Asri, Fahmi Collection, Putri iodewa, Brotojoyo, Satria Collection, ianto Wayang Beber batiks.