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FACP Converences 2005 – 2008

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24th 21-25 Sep, 2006 Urmuchi
25th 29 Nov-2 Dec, 2007 Kaohsiung
26th 25-28 Sep. 2008 Jeonju
> Management of the arts in Asia-1
a. Latest development in China
b. Information to the performing arts in Thailand
> Management of the arts in Asia-2
a. Developing professional management skill
b. Building and maintaining audiences
. Future prospects for the performing arts in Asia-1
a. New Trend in the performing arts
b. Outlook for the traditional arts in Asia
c. New Venues in Asia
• Future prospects for the performing arts in Asia-2 Music in Asia
a. Touring western musical
b. Creating new Asian-based musicals
. The varieties and management in Xinjiang
• Entertainment and culture – A blurring the line . The reform of present China cultural system
• Problems and solution of national culture today
• Target and function: How FACP should go
• Region reports
• Performing arts online
• How can an Asian city improve its image through cultural and arts?
. How can an Asian city establish its brand through festival activities in this global era?
. Dealing with intellectual property rights
• Compare and contrast of various styles and cultures of musicals
. Asian performing arts’ attraction to touring abroad
• Cross over production of different cultures and boundaries
• National Reports
• Asia to the World: Dialogue – “ Cultural Policy of Asia Cities in International Aspects”
. Asia to the World: Action – “Success-Cases of Asian Culture to the World”
• Asia to the World : Promise – “ Future Environment of Asian Culture &
Performing Arts”
No. Year / Period Venue Topic
27th 5-8 Nov, 2009
Kuala Lumpur • Tourism through arts and culture
• Sustainable cultural tourism
• Artistic trends in South East Asia and their relationship to western practice
• The importance of early childhood music education
• The enchantment of Islamic music (Maqam Music) . Arts and culture in times of recession
• Cultural policies of Malaysia and other Asian countries
28th 25-28 Nov, 2010 Singapore • New strategic direction for Asian Arts in the
growing creative economies of Asia – Pacific . Creative industries – the catalyst for next phase of economic growth in Asia – Pacific
• Reversing cross – border flow in international performing arts exchanges between Asia and the West
• Impact of the integrated resorts on the arts and entertainment scene – the Singapore experience
• How Marina Bay Sands is making a difference to Singapore’s ambition of becoming a distinctive global arts centre
• Performing arts market – its significance and relevance to the economies of Asia – Pacific
. Cultural industry – the soft power of Taiwan
• Protection, exploitation and management of intellectual property – beyond borders
. Role of School of the Arts (SOTA) in the arts education landscape of Singapore
• Role of arts education in capability development for the arts and creative industries
• New approaches to music education a case study on promoting classical music appreciation in Hong Kong
• Asian voice in contemporary Singapore Theatre
• New sounds in traditional ethnic Indian music in multiracial Singapore
• Blending of Bast and West in Asian compositions for the symphony orchestra – Chen Yi’s recent compositions
. Developing a new show business model for China based on the successful experience of other countries
• The Philippines – the next destination of choice for international touring artists in Asia – Pacific? Australian performing arts market
. Discover Georgia


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