Batik Brotoseno’s management is now under control of Eko Suprihono

Suparjan’s son. Batik Brotoseno already has steady marketing network since his production has reached almost prime cities in Java Island such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Pekalongan and Denpasar. His products also attract customers outside Java Island such as Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, etc. More than this, batik Brotoseno has been successful to enter abroad market to Japan, Swissand Africa. To strengthen capital and increase production capacity, Batik Brotoseno opens investment opportunity. Batik Brotoseno needs fresh fund injection around one billion rupiah from the investor. Priority, this fund will be allocated for raw material supplying of silk cloth, cotton cloth, yarn, textile coloration, weaving and spinning machines.

Batik Widya Kusuma was founded by Mr. Wakiman, a young batik craftsman of Plupuh, Sragen in 1997. First, Mr. Wakiman was a batik labour who worked for Batik businessman in Solo. Then the independent spirit made Mr. Wakiman build his own business supported by his personal savings and batik knowledge. However, he only could serve order of batik coloration (one of batik processes) in his early business. At last, in 2002 Mr. Wakiman could develop his batik business at whole process. Due to his tough and hard struggle, the business of Batik Widya Kusuma moved fast. Mr. Wakiman could develop three batik workshop located at Butuh, Gedongan and Wonokerto villages of Sragen Regency. Employing more than 200 batik craftsmen, Widya Kusuma currently can produce 50 pcs painted batik cloths per week and 75 pcs printing batik cloths per day. The size of each cloth is 2.5 mx1.15 m with various prices Rp 45,000.00 to Rp 1 65,000.00 for cotton batik and Rp 180,000.00 to Rp 2.5 million for silk batik. Widya Kusuma’s production has reached many Indonesian cities and the biggest market is in Solo, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. More than this, Widya Kusuma also has entered International market such as Malaysia, Africa, Germany and Japan.

Batik Widya Kusuma keeps doing innovation in its design and motif includingthe development specific motif of Sragen’s Batik. Mr. Wakiman confesses he already has two specific motifs of Sragen’s batik which are ready for launching, i.e. Sangiran and DjokoTingkir motifs. Sangiran motif accommodates bone, cranium, spine and mountain like figure elements, specific of Sangiran’s fossil. Meanwhile, Djoko Tingkir motif accommodatescrown pattern and Keris (Javanese traditional heirloom) describing nobles appearance.

For developing his batik business, Mr. Wakiman who lives at Pungsari village of Plupuh Subdistrict opens partnership cooperation to investor interested in batik business. Batik Widya Kusuma still needs fund injection about one billion rupiah to manage raw material supplying and marketingdevelopment.